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It’s time to get real, put yourself first and reshape your life, so you can show up in the world as the most powerful version of you!

Are you ready to face the truth, cut the crap, and get real about your life?

Start living as your unapologetic self, stop diluting your power to make everyone else comfortable and become the powerhouse you were born to be!

no more playing small!

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HAve a life on earth, they said...

It will be fun, they said!

You never expected it to be such hard work, did you? No one told you that in the game of life you’d have to fight dragons, earn points and level up to get the big prize at the end! 

Yet here you find yourself. Your passion and excitement for life have been eroded by years of fatigue and stress. You have regret for the paths not taken, the conversations not had, the life not lived. And the older you get, the more cynical you feel about what’s possible and you have too much doubt when wondering if things can really change. 


  • Relationships, which once felt like the most intimate sanctuary, now feel like hard work, full many hidden rules.

  • Communication is a minefield. You've been scarred so many times that you now just bite your tongue, leaving important words unspoken. 

  • Self-respect, self-compassion and self-confidence, are diminishing as the years go by. And your days are filled with dread that "they'll" find out you’re not really good enough and you’re definitely not worthy.

You’ve tried, you really have, but it all just seems so damn hard, right? 


Maybe you’re a self-help junkie who's taken the courses, read the books, swallowed the pills and done the psychotropics. But you still feel disconnected and disillusioned about it all. 


Well, I'm glad you've arrived here, today, in this space. Because I see you and I know what you want...

  • You're here because you're ready to cut the bullshit and start living an authentic life.

  • You’re here because something deep inside is rising, telling you that you're so much more than the act you present to the world.

  • You've been looking for something to shake you out of your life coma - so you can be the goddamn powerhouse you were born to be.

  • You're here to stop trying and start being. 

  • You're here to shift from being a wannabe to a Realbie! 


Well Realbie-to-be, 


Here be dragons, but they’re cool ones and they’re on your side. 

Step up and step through. I can’t wait to meet you and show you who you were really born to be.

Leah Sefor_Additional Design elements_Re
Leah Sefor_Additional Design elements_Re

Leah has this ability to cut through the bulls*t and get straight in to the real stuff, getting you grounded and clear right out the gates. She offers simple, practical and workable solutions that just make sense for you to support yourself in your journey. You are in impeccable hands with Leah.

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Welcome to my 12-month group coaching experience

i'm leah, and i'll be your personal ass-kicker!

I’ve been there, really I have. I know what it’s like to be gaslit in relationships. Not heard or seen by the important people in your life. Overlooked & undervalued. I know how it feels to be on the outside looking in. And no matter how hard you try, you just don’t see the world the same way as everyone else. I know what it’s like to give up, to check out and to not want to take another step forward. I know shame, I know embarrassment, I know feeling invisible. 


Well, I did, until I got tired of my own boring story and decided to do something about it because honestly, I was ready to put a pillow over my own damn face!


Even though I had done "the work", taken the courses and had many transformational experiences, I was still playing small and believing the bullshit about myself. It took me a long time to shed the paralysing mindsets that were keeping me stuck so I could finally step into my power.


I got tired of apologising and negotiating away my self worth. I was done with hiding my true nature and suppressing my voice just to make others comfortable. So I decided to become #1 in my own life. I started being clear and direct in my communication. I learnt how to speak my truth without constantly worrying about other people's reactions. I put strong boundaries in place with myself and everyone else. And I started to walk my talk no matter what others thought. 

It was a seismic shift that pushed me into living a profound life of realness! It feels so powerful that I want everyone I meet to be liberated from their own mental prisons and to experience what true freedom feels like. 

That’s why I’ve created this tribe of Realbies. Because if humanity could just cut the crap and get real, we would finally have a world that works for everyone - and I’m determined to make that happen. 


i see you...

  • You've been conditioned to believe a bunch of negative judgements fed to you by others all your life.

  • You take others' limited opinions of you as the truth and don't really believe that life can be another way. 

  • You feel trapped inside unworkable patterns in your relationships, at work, with your self-care and with your finances.

  • You're constantly repeating destructive behaviours in all areas of your life and have no idea how to stop yourself.

  • You're a master of self-sabotage, repeating old stories, and feeling desperate because you don't know how to write new ones. 

  • You're drowning in self-doubt.

  • And mostly, you're confused about how to change any of it because no one taught you how.

Well, that ends now!


I won't let you stay trapped in this crap space anymore. Because it's all bullshit and deep down you know it is. 


I’m here to remind you who you really are and what you’re really capable of.  

Are you ready?

This experience is for you if you are finally ready to break free and rewrite those paralysing stories that have stopped you from living - really living and experiencing life in all its power!

You're here because:

  • You want to know what it feels like to be wide awake, fierce, brave and real in your own life.

  • You want to live in authenticity, speak your truth and be powerful, direct and clear in your communications.

  • You want to be #1 in your life by being unapologetic and non-negotiable with strong boundaries and no bullshit.

  • You're ready to end the self-sabotage and stop with the “I can’t…” statements.

  • You want to drop the act and the excuses and move forward with immovable confidence. 

  • You want to be a person of integrity by walking your talk and taking responsibility.

  • You want to be part of a tribe that gets you and holds you accountable. A tribe that hold a safe place for your real self to be seen... and who want to see you win in your own life.


So, if you are: 

  • Tired of repeating the same old patterns year after year

  • Always wondering why you think, feel and behave the way you do

  • Irritated that you keep getting in your own damn way

  • Always people-pleasing, unable to say 'no' and carrying guilt for letting people down

  • Sensing that there is something more within you, but you can’t quite put your finger on it

  • Ready to confront the subconscious behaviours, patterns & beliefs that are keeping you stuck

Then sign up already! I don't know why we're still having this conversation. ;)


by the end of this 12-month group coaching experience, you will...

  • Be living with a fresh, new perspective of reality so you can show up in your life as the most powerful version of you.

  • Know how to create a powerful, unapologetic life where you are in the driver's seat of your own life experiences.

  • Gain a full understanding of the subconscious patterns that run your life.

  • Never negotiate your self worth again.

  • Become a master of communication in all of your relationships.

  • Know how to set powerful intentions and manifest the reality that you want.

  • Surrender your limiting beliefs and disempowering decisions. 

  • Create real, open, connected relationships. 

  • Confidently set and hold strong boundaries with everyone in your life.

  • Stand in your truth with no more playing small.

  • Gain a profound connection with your true nature and how to own it.

what people say...

I get it, you may not know me from a blade of grass, so if you're not sure what my coaching is about, then here's some feedback from other's who have worked with me:

Leah is an incredible facilitator with deep insight who listens to everything you are saying AND hears the things that you are not saying. If you are looking for REAL solutions and insights, Leah is the person for you


             Gary Els, SomaGiri

Sarah Collinge.jpg

"Leah's depth of knowledge, understanding and complete lack of judgement allowed me to feel completely safe to delve into the deepest, darkest corners of myself. Leah operates with absolute clarity and focus. She offers valuable, workable advice in a compassionate, yet real and honest manner. I cannot speak highly enough of Leah’s coaching." 


                  Sarah Collinge, Structural Engineer

I had been to see a number of other coaches and a therapist, and none were able to ignite within me as many transformational changes in such a short period of time as Leah. I have immense gratitude for her coaching ability and would strongly recommend Leah to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of what makes them tick and how to rewire themselves to further move further along their own path."


                     Yossi Hasson, Investor

Yossi Hasson.jpg
Eva Hayden-Smith_edited.jpg

"I have just been through one of the most terrifying processes of my life as a result of Leah's wise suggestion. All I can say is BE SCARED BUT DO IT ANY WAY!! The relief I now feel was worth every sleepless night. And what I now know for sure is that the only way forward is to speak your truth with love. Thank you, Leah, for sharing your knowledge with the world. 


                  Eva Hayden Smith, Life Explorer

"There is no end to the power and wisdom of this incredible person and her astounding skills. She has an amazing ability to problem-solve, alleviate my pain and empower me with understanding. I've gained more from Leah in just a few sessions than I have from years of psychotherapy."                 

                Lynda Jaros, Head of Business Analysis, ABSA

Lynda Jaros.jpg

"Working with Leah has been a truly revealing and enlightening experience for me. Her ability to create a safe space, free from judgment, has allowed me to uncover things about myself that I had chosen to, consciously and unconsciously, hide. And revealed unseen patterns that I had brought into my past and current relationships. Her guidance has allowed me to be truly honest with myself and those around me. I am a better man for the time I spent with Leah"


                  Ky Ox, Solution Architect, Microsoft


“I wanted to own my own business, my own income and to regain my physical zest. As easy as it was for me to write down all of the above, by the end of the course I had a clear direction, and all these 'impossibilities' seemed effortless.  What were previously just 'good ideas' are now my reality. Leah's coaching is for anyone with a desire or even a desire to have a desire. Leah's role is one of pure commitment, deep insight, varied application and vast experience and understanding. By applying the array of skills she so aptly possesses, Leah has a way of making one see things as they are - simply achievable. I would highly recommend doing coaching with Leah”

                    Kath Webber, Designer

"Leah Sefor is a remarkable human being. She is totally intuitive and has a huge amount of knowledge and understanding of the human nature. Working with and understanding relationships, patterns, old beliefs, communication and all other aspects is innate for Leah. She will provide a safe and loving space from which transformation can happen"         


               Sally Dodds, Teacher

Sally Dodds_edited.jpg

my intention...

I wanted to create a safe space for anyone who’s ready to drop the act and be themselves. A tribe of Realbies. 


No more hiding, apologising for who you are, or suppressing your true nature. You can show up as your authentic self: Fierce, brave and true.


No more bullshit or negotiations. Just strong boundaries and crystal clear communication.


No more excuses. Just immovable confidence.


In this mentorship, you get to discover your truth and walk your talk in the most powerful and direct way! I can't wait to celebrate as you become #1 in your life. 


Want to join our Realbie tribe and ignite your awesomeness?


I thought so.  

what's included:


Life doesn't end after 12 months and neither does this mentorship. You will get lifetime access to all of these modules so you can find support in this work whenever you want it!


join the real movement now

​Stop coming up with those same old boring excuses of why you can’t. Just say ‘hell yeah, I’m in’ and join us in Jan 2022 to explode onto the scene of your own life!


  • My approach is direct and sometimes confrontational. This is not about being comfortable, it's about getting real so if you're game for some serious cage-rattling, then hop aboard matey.

  • There will be swearing - if that offends you, don’t sign up.  

  • I’m not going to pussy-foot around and tell you what you want to hear, I'm not your friend, I'm your drill sergeant, here to kick your ass into gear. 

  • If you’re looking for safe, gentle, easy and comfortable, then this definitely isn’t the programme for you.

  • My job is to hold up that bigger picture of who you can be. Even when you can’t see it for yourself. I’m not going to let you check out or give up on yourself, no matter how much you want to. 

SO YOU WANT TO know what's in this mentorship?

Well, you'll have to wait and see!


Yes, I know this isn't how this usually goes. You're expecting a full breakdown of each and every module that will be covered throughout 2022. But I'm not giving it to you.




Well, knowing everything before it happens creates some predictability and safety in your life, but that’s also how you get numb and comfortable.


By preparing for what you think is coming next, you give your mind the time to get defensive and protective and it comes up with hundreds of excuses of why this isn’t for you, and why you shouldn’t participate, or take risks. Well, that’s not going to happen here.

This is a journey into the REAL, so I’m not telling you what’s going to happen in this membership ahead of time. This is not an experience of being prepared or safe or comfortable. It’s a voyage into the self, and that is the realm of the unknown. I said it earlier, here be dragons. But you've got this! 

This is the ultimate experience of throwing yourself off the cliff, trusting the process and allowing me to hold and guide you through the veil of the 'wannabes' into the realm of the 'realbies.'


Your real self is waiting on the other side, dying to meet you.


  • Is this going to be scary? Yes!

  • Is it going to be exhilarating? You bet!

  • Is it going to be easy? No!

  • Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

  • Are we going to be dealing with your shadow - oh yes we are!

  • Will you learn more about relationships, communication, boundaries and addiction - most definitely! 

  • Will you be learning how to overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage and self-destruction? Of course!

  • And will we be playing and having fun with some cool stuff like the power of creating intentions? That's one of the best parts!

But that’s all I’m saying. 


There will be challenges, there will be some uncomfortable truths, there will be exercises that will take you out of your comfort zone and some courageous conversations to be had along the way.


Some months you’ll love me, some months you’ll hate me and some months you’ll end up snivelling in your shower, curled up in a ball.




All of those will pale in comparison to the months where you will feel more alive than you’ve ever felt in your entire life. When you'll feel an internal power coursing through your body. And when you know, at every level, that you are a being of such extraordinary power that nothing can ever stand in your way again. 

Be afraid and do it anyway!

but what about the bonuses?

If you’re here looking for bonuses then you’ve come to the wrong place.


I’m not going to manipulate you into signing up for this programme by offering you specials that ‘are usually worth a lot of money but you get them for free!’ That’s all bullshit and you know it. 


Stop looking for the freebies with everything, thinking they’re going to add more value to your life. 


Either you want to transform your life with this membership or you don’t. It’s really that simple. 


If you need offers of ‘special VIP access’ or ‘private membership only pages’ or 'exclusive eBooks and masterclasses' or 'special early bird privileges’ then my realbie tribe is not for you. 


This may be why a lot of areas of your life don't work - because you keep wanting more instead of being more. 

Stop needing to fill your life with this shit. You are enough without it!

but there's a money back guarantee right?

Nope, not in the world of Realbies there isn't.


I’m asking you to commit to yourself 100%, so I’m not giving you an out with a money-back guarantee. That would give you a chance to half-arse this stuff, and then check out 2 weeks later, asking for your money back.


This is a pattern you repeat in many areas of your life. You give 40% of your attention and energy to something and then when the going gets a bit tough, you check out and give up. And you wonder why nothing changes. Am I right? 


I want your whole arse in - or out. 


Is this a risk? Yes! But so what? Stop needing to always be comfortable - that's what's killing you right now. You can either take this Realbie voyage right now and finally get your shit together, or you can close this page now and carry on living your life in the same way, knowing that nothing will change and that you'll be sitting on your couch this time next year, struggling with all the same stuff and wishing you had started today. 


People who are serious about transformation are committed - they don't look for the small print that gives them an excuse to give up on themselves. They show up!


I know that you’re sick of your boring stories and you want to do something drastic to snap you out of that life-coma you’ve been living in. So, here’s your first challenge - stop looking for the safety net of a money-back guarantee. Invest in yourself, or don’t. 


Because you know what? I'm 100% committed to showing up for YOU every step of the way! I am not checking out. I am not looking for the 14-day money-back cop-out when the going gets tough and I don't feel like doing this anymore. I’m here baby, right by your side, through it all - good, bad, ugly and whatever else this voyage is going to throw at us. 


So commit. Or don’t. But stop looking for the back door to slip out of if things get a little confrontational or uncomfortable.


Because your REAL life is on the other side of that fear! 

I'm ready to show up