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It's awesome to see you here! You're welcome in my wide-awake tribe… we’re all real over here!

Thank you for all the shares and love on social media - it's because of people like you that we actually stand a chance of jolting the consciousness of this planet into some massive shift where everyone gets to win. You know me, I'm not interested in boring stories or excuses, that's not how we change the world. You and me....  we're here to make a difference, dammit, so let's get to it,

the time is now! 


Are you ready to wake up and start living an authentic life?

Here are some free gifts from my heart to yours, to get you started on your way!



Why do you keep doing that? It doesn't work, you know - that thing you keep saying or doing with your partner that gets you nowhere and leaves you both feeling bruised and disconnected. This is not what it's meant to feel like.


It's time to stop the behaviours that are eroding the trust in your relationship.


In this book, I talk about the most damaging behavioural issues I see with couples and show you how to start shifting these unworkable habits so that you can actually experience what a real relationship feels like.

Open Heart Meditation.png

Audio (mp3)

It's time to find a quiet space, turn the lights down, relax your body, take a deep breath and centre yourself in your heart space.


You may feel alone and separate at times, and it's essential to remember who you are and how much connection there is in our human family. All we have to do is reach out, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to find each other.


This 20 minute meditation will remind you who you are, who we are and how to open your heart to connect with others and yourself.

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