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That's not what I meant!

The smart, savvy guide to
real communication

Available from all major bookstores and e-tailer sites.

What if you could learn a new way of communicating that could instantly improve the relationships in your life? If you are fighting with your partner, feeling disconnected from your family, getting frustrated with your colleagues and experiencing misunderstandings with your friends, you need to read this book.  

That’s Not What I Meant! is a punchy how-to guide that will help you to be clear about your message, overcome misinterpretations, listen with purpose and, finally, start creating workable, win-win relationships with the people in your life. In her four dynamic communication profiles, Leah gives practical exercises and examples of how to: 

  • decode your own communication patterns

  • investigate your listening behaviour

  • stop taking offence

  • use language to get what you want

  • have difficult conversations


It’s time to get real, read this book, change the way you communicate and watch how quickly your relationships transform.



How women in business define their passion and success

Traditional paths and systems of success no longer work. Women are breaking under the expectation of needing to 'have it all & do it all' in the name of being accomplished. The time has come to bring a long overdue disruption to an archaic system that only leads to burnout and breakdown. 


This book isn't a leadership 'how-to'. You won't read about the traditional idea of excellence which has mostly always been about hustling, working until you drop from exhaustion, competing, achieving more qualifications, chasing promotions and accolades, and sacrificing too much along the way. No. This book is a collaboration of powerful stories from women leaders around the world, sharing their honest, vulnerable and uncomfortable truths behind their journeys of success.

The intention of all the authors in this book it to show women how it can be another way for ourselves and each other. Industry experts from Psychologists, Coaches, Teachers, Brand Experts, Entrepreneurs and more share their unique insights which will support you to rethink your whole approach when creating empowered excellence in your lives and careers.

Authentic storytelling is what shot this book to the top of Amazon's best seller list in its first week of launching. 




Feeling overwhelmed?

Tired of being taken for granted?

Angry when your loyalty gets used against you?

Resentful of always saying yes and never getting anything in return?
It's time to take action. 

The Freedom Factor is an eWorkbook will take you on a journey to reclaim your emotional freedom by learning how to say ‘no more’. This workbook provides practical exercises for how to set boundaries with yourself and others in all areas of your life. Working through the chapters of this workbook, you will be taken through specific exercises which will help you to identify:


  • How to get clarity on exactly where you are stuck in your life.

  • The actions you need to take to begin letting go of obligations that are no longer serving you.

  • How to have courageous conversations.

  • What you can and cannot control in your life.

  • The true cost of carrying other people's problems.

  • How to take empower others to take back ownership of their own issues.

  • How to create strong boundaries for yourself and others.


The Freedom Factor Workbook gives clear and practical tools for creating powerful boundaries in your life. Discover how liberating it is to say no and how having boundaries gives you the freedom to get real and live your life on your own terms.

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