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1:1 coaching

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Want to have Leah all to yourself. Well you can! Connect with Leah below for your 1:1 session. Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, things are about to get real. 

90 minute session

  • Going through some tough stuff?
    Leah’s got your back.

  • Is your relationship in a bad place? 
    Leah will guide the way.

  • Need to start that next big thing?
    Leah will kick your butt.


Whatever you're going through in life or your relationships, a 1:1 session with Leah will be the sniffing salts you need to get real, get conscious and get living!

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Graeme Hector,

DJ, Film, Events & Multimedia

Leah Sefor_Additional Design elements_Re
Leah Sefor_Additional Design elements_Re
Leah has this ability to cut through the bulls*t and get straight in to the real stuff, getting you grounded and clear right out the gates. She offers simple, practical and workable solutions that just make sense for you to support yourself in your journey. You are in impeccable hands with Leah.
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