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Letting Go

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

One of my favourite Zen proverbs is:


I see it everyday in my coaching room. Clients who are stuck, scared, not wanting to stay where they are but not willing to let go of everything in order to move forward. A no-man's land of emotional paralysis. Like an old blanket, the issues and problems are known and understood to the point that they've almost become comfortable. They've been around so long that they're become part of the day to day behaviour and way of life. These repetative problems occur so frequently and become so overwhelming that they eventually take control, dragging you through your life, leaving you feeling powerless to do anything about it. But you hold on because the fear of letting go and falling down the side of the cliff is too great. At some stage though, everyone realises that they cannot continue unless something changes, something breaks, something ends. They know this intellectually, th