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Feeling overwhelmed?

Tired of being taken for granted?

Angry when your loyalty gets used against you?

Resentful of always saying yes and never getting anything in return?

It's time to take action. 


The Freedom Factor Workbook is written by South Africa's top Life & Relationships coach, Leah Sefor. In this book, you will be taken on a journey to reclaim your emotional freedom by learning how to say ‘no more’. This workbook provides practical exercises for how to set boundaries with yourself and others in all areas of your life. Working through the chapters of this workbook, you will be taken through specific exercises which will help you to identify:


  • How to get clarity on exactly where you are stuck in your life.
  • The actions you need to take to begin letting go of obligations that are no longer serving you.
  • How to have courageous conversations.
  • What you can and cannot control in your life.
  • The true cost of carrying other people's problems.
  • How to take empower others to take back ownership of their own issues.
  • How to create strong boundaries for yourself and others.


The Freedom Factor Workbook gives clear and practical tools for creating powerful boundaries in your life. Discover how liberating it is to say no and how having boundaries gives you the freedom to get real and live your life on your own terms.


What readers say:


‘In a nutshell - life changing! It felt like you directed it purely for me. It is a gift that no money could buy. I would truly encourage everyone to read it. Thank you! I will read it again and again.’


‘This book is life changing. Each damn page is a revelation!’


‘This looked like an easy read and I thought how much of this would apply to me? I was astounded at how relevant it was. Every single chapter made me search within myself for answers that I’ve kept hidden. This book has been my absolute reality check and more importantly – it has empowered and enabled me to face my realities!’


‘The book is life changing and will help every person if they get started with it. If you are honest with yourself and go through it by acknowledging all your realities & fears, the book will definitely guide you to a better space.’


‘I found it incredibly helpful. It looks like an easy read at first glance, but makes you search within yourself for answers that you keep hidden.’

‘I just wanted to let you know how LIFE CHANGING your book is! I printed it out and am working through it. It is so relevant to my journey Right now. Thank you!’


‘Thank you for your workbook. It’s easy and succinct and will definitely help those needing to take their 1st steps towards personal freedom. It’s very good information.’


‘It felt like this book was meant for me. The book seems simple and is an easy read but working through the exercises proved to be more real and intense and forced me to be truthful about so many aspects of my life. I now feel clearer and a lot lighter.

‘I am very grateful to you for writing this book. Your commitment and passion to sharing your knowledge with others is much appreciated.’ 


The Freedom Factor Workbook

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