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What does living authentically mean? How do you create a non-negotiable life?

To remember who you truly are, you need to let go of who they told you to be. Leah talks about dropping the act and courageously walking your truth in a world full of masks.

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Why do you struggle to say no? Why do you let people get away with bad behaviour at home and at work?

Why can't you ask for what you want?

Leah talks about cultivating the bravery to stand your ground without the fallout.


They are not always wrong, and you are not always right. What does it take to create a workable relationship in a modern world?
Leah talks about how to shift the stuckness in your relationships - taking them from Bleh to Bazinga!


How to listen and say what you mean!

Sick of being so misunderstood?

If only there was a user manual for communication that told you how to really connect with others? 

Leah talks about her groundbreaking new book: 'That's Not What I Meant!'


Why 'GOAL' is a dirty word. What does setting powerful intentions mean and how do you go about manifesting them into a reality?

Leah talks about what a path of creating vision looks like. How to drop the self-doubt and create the life you want.



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Camille Agon,

CEO - WeThinkCode

“Your talk was excellent, extremely informative and engaging! Your time and insights were really valuable to the team. It sparked some great discussions and ideas and you made everyone feel at ease. The team felt it created a greater sense of awareness of self for each of them. You really know what you're talking about, thank you for an enlightening morning..”



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“Leah delivers! Professional from the start, she engaged masterfully with more than 110 online dial-ins for our #womeninhardhats Women’s Month event. The impact of her message was profound and way beyond expectation. Within a short 60 minutes she touched and changed the hearts and minds of our employees and spread warmth and support during what has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone. Book her for your event today!”