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the self sabotage

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  • Have you had enough of getting in your own way?

  • Are you feeling defeated by your inability to get the results that you so deeply desire?

  • What are the changes you've been trying to make in your life and why haven't they happened yet?

  • What's stopping you from creating the life you want?

If you are constantly giving up on new paths and defaulting to the same old comfortable behaviours and habits that don't get you results, then you are stuck in Self Sabotage and it's time to do something about it.

it can be another way

Things will only change when you can start identifying the causes behind the active or passive steps you keep taking that stop you from experiencing success for yourself.


is an online course where you will learn about:

- The 4 daily self-sabotaging behaviours keeping you stuck.
- The 3 biggest subconscious causes of self sabotage.
- Leah's '7-Step Self Sabotage Smasher' method.


By the end of this course, you'll know how to:

- Be awake to your triggers before they take control.

- Practice a daily technique to stop the self sabotage.
- Structure a plan of action to shift from sabotage to
success in all areas of your life.

it's time to take back control of your own life!

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feeling discouraged?

You want to launch your new business, but...

     you're stuck in avoidance and procrastination.

You want the body of your dreams, but...

     you can't stay consistent with your plan.

➔ You'd love to be debt free, but...

     you can't stop buying things you don't need.

➔ You want to have a thriving relationship, but... 

     you keep avoiding the necessary conversations.

Stop getting frustrated with yourself because you're not creating the results you want!

Shift can happen today when you get access to the course and start learning how to:

stop the self sabotage


Hi, I'm leah

I'll be your coach. I am known for being a straight-talking life coach, author, podcaster and speaker. My work is all about ‘what it means to be real’. I have worked with individuals, couples and organisations across the globe for more than 28 years as a life, relationships and communications specialist. 

You may have seen me as a guest relationship expert on The Bachelor SA and The Single Wives SA and Netflix. I am a regular guest on radio and Real Health - a lifestyle TV show on The Home Channel. I am also a regular contributor to print & digital media publications.

My book 'That's Not What I Meant! The smart, savvy guide to real communication.' was released in 2021.

Working with the human condition for almost 3 decades has given me deep insight into the subconscious programmes and coding that drive our unworkable behaviours. My knowledge and experience has supported thousands of people on their journeys of personal transformation. I deliver dynamic coaching experiences and facilitate breakthroughs that give men & women the wake-up calls they need to create a powerful, authentic, non-negotiable life. I'm here to show you how to finally overcome your self sabotage so you can finally create the life you want.

👉🏻 What would change in your life if you stopped getting in your own way and stayed committed to a journey of discipline and consistency for yourself?
👉🏻 What would it truly mean to you to finally create the life / body / finances / health / career / relationships / home or anything else you want?
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Yossi Hasson

CEO, Metaversal

I had been to see a number of other coaches and a therapist and non were able to ignite within me as many transformational changes in such a short period of time. I would strongly recommend Leah to anyone looking to rewire themselves to further move along their own path.


Nicci Robertson

Owner, Re-Invent Health

When it comes to understanding personal growth, human behaviour and relationships Leah Sefor is your go to person. Leah has a way of getting directly to the heart of the matter and helping you reach an objective solution in a matter of minutes. whenever I personally get stuck with a big decision, Leah is the first person I go to. Ive never hesitated recommending her.


Julian Marti

Engineer, TAUW France

Leah offers a real support and practical solutions to every challenge in your life. I've made so much progress in my life, personally, professionally, emotionally, in my family & love relationships. My family, friends, colleagues, have seen such a great change in my personality & the way I live my life. I don’t waste my time anymore overthinking a problem.


Shelly Kairuz-Ross

Occupational Therapist

Leah is one of the most incredible humans I have ever met. Thank you for calling me on my bullshit!I have worked with many Psychologists over the years and found Leah's approach to far more practical, powerful and life changing. If you want to shift your life, this is definitely your woman.


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can you see it?

💥 You're celebrating the launch of your new business and it's already bringing in enough money for you to be able to leave that job that's been draining the life out of you.


💥 You're on the beach feeling fantastic about your body. You've stopped worrying about how you look or what other's think because you feel so strong, sexy, fit & healthy.


💥 You're staring at your bank statement which shows zero debt! You did it! You paid it off and you've already started investing and watching your savings begin to grow.


💥 You're in a truly connected space with your partner. There is solid trust and deep intimacy between you. You feel loved, supported and fulfilled in the relationship of your dreams.


💥 You're making coffee in your new kitchen. You've moved into your dream home and feel such joy, safety and peace in this beautiful space that belongs to you!


What are your dreams for your life? Visualise them now... see them in technicolour.


All that's standing between you and them being a reality is you stopping the self sabotage to making them happen!


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11 Video Classes

Move at your own pace through the 4 module course. In each of the 11 video classes you'll delve deeper into exploring the conscious and unconscious causes of self sabotage as well as learning the specific method to stop this undesirable behaviour before it takes control.

(Tablet & Mobile optimised)

Workbook & Exercises

This 25 page workbook contains self-reflection questions and exercises to for you to be able to identify your personal triggers and investigate your sabotaging behaviours. You will receive a PDF download relating to each video class to add to the workbook as you move through the course. (Book not included, pages are downloadable PDFs)

Private FB Group

Join Leah's private 'Getting Real with Leah' FB group for coaching and community support as you walk your journey of personal transformation. Leah is active on the group, answering questions each week relating to her courses, workshops, masterclasses, retreats and coaching.

you get the whole course - 11 videos, 25pg workbook, exercise and access to the private facebook group for only:


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  • Immediate access

  • Access to the Facebook Group

  • Mobile and Tablet optimized

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those old excuses again?

Don't you hate that? You get all excited about something and then that internal voice starts its nonsense...

"I don't have the money / time / energy / patience /
insert your excuse here ____________________". 

Aren't you tired of not getting results?

Wouldn't you love to start that new business or lose that weight or pay off your debt or evolve your relationship or do anything else you've been dreaming about for so long?

Well then... let's get going!

Because if you've read this far then you're resonating with everything on this page. You know that your self sabotage is keeping you stuck where you don't want to be, and you're ready for a shift once a for all.

So would you like to stop sabotaging and start succeeding?

Thought so.

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