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Leah Sefor is a highly experienced Life and Relationships coach who has spent the past 2 decades coaching, training and inspiring thousands of people around the world to get real and step into their power and their authenticity. Leah is a communications and relationships expert whose transformational coaching gets results. She is known for her direct, button-pushing approach which will rattle your cage and take you to the depths of your shadow and the edge of your comfort zone where the real magic happens.


She is one of the most booked personal coaches in South Africa, appearing regularly on Real Health, a lifestyle show on DStv as well as being a guest contributor on podcasts, TV and online & print media including: YOU magazine, Destiny and W24. She runs a weekly video series called Real Talk and is the author of The Freedom Factor - an eWorkbook on Boundaries.


Her blog and social media platforms inspire her clients every day to get real.


Sometimes in life, a problem can seem so overwhelming that you can't see a way out. You feel stuck, trying the same things over and over again. The results you get always seem to be the ones you don't want, and no matter how much you want things to change, they don't. You find yourself getting reactive to people and situations, allowing your emotions to get the better of you. You operate from an unconscious place (your Shadow) most of the time with no awareness of how your own behaviour is creating the unworkable results in your life.

Leah's coaching is for individuals and couples who want to work on shifting their lives and relationships into a real, workable place where they can start to manifest the results they want and experience living in a powerful, alive, authentic way.

Until you are willing to stop, take a hard look at yourself and shift the thoughts and behaviours that do not serve you, you will be stuck in the same patterns playing themselves out again and again. You can have your excuses or you can have results - you can't have both. Come and work with Leah and let her show you another way, a new perspective, a different path to walk and other possibilities for living.

For anyone over the age of 18.


For anyone over the age of 18.
For all types of partnerships & relationship phases -
Romantic Partnerships: Dating / engaged / married / straight / gay / separations / break-ups / divorce.
Business Relationships: Partners, bosses, employees and colleague issues.

Life Coaching

Stop the cycle of being in effect of the people and the events in your life. Become awake to the unconscious behaviours that keep you stuck in the same negative patterns of your life. Let go of your excuses and commit to getting results that work and transformations that are enduring.


Come and work with me to uncover what is really driving your unwanted experiences and master a more powerful way of living.



Shift your relationship into a more workable place where you can experience your authenticity and transform your relationship to be powerful, open, fun, safe, honest, adventurous, sharing, profound, giving, alive and real on every level.

Connect, communicate and grow into a relationship where you are loved and significant to yourselves and each other. Sessions can be together or individual.


Divorce Coaching

Right now you're probably both feeling broken, bruised and tired of all the fighting and pain. Let me support you to find a way through this without destroying what's left of the connection you have, especially if there are children involved.


Releasing each other from a relationship can be done in a way where you both win and where an ongoing friendship can be maintained. 

Pre-commitment Coaching

You're about to start one of the greatest journeys of your life. Getting clarity around all those expectations you have about married life is one of the best gifts you can give yourself before you start out on the road of commitment. Don't wait until you're married to try and figure it all out. Know 'what' and 'who' you are committing to.  

Come and work with me for 8 sessions over 8 weeks before your ceremony and create a powerful foundation upon which to build your lives together.



Support your team to get real.

Shift perspectives, behaviors and results with my workshops designed to address team connections and dynamics, responsibility, conflict resolution, personality profiling, accountability, boundaries, effective communication, integrity and what it means to show up.

Executive and group programmes are customised to each company's requirements and workshops can vary in length from mornings to full day, weekends or weekly and long term monthly coaching.

Keynote Speaking

Looking for a speaking for your team or event? My talks vary in length depending on your requirements. Topics are:

  • Getting Real in a world of pretence

  • Invincible Boundaries

  • Communication Systems

  • The Shadow Impact

  • Real Relationships

  • Patterns & Programmes of Behaviour

  • Design of the Mind

Get in touch to find out more about my talks.

What clients say:

Lynda Jaros.jpg


There is no end to the power and wisdom of this incredible person and her astounding skills. She has an amazing ability to jump straight into where I'm at and immediately start problem-solving in a way that not only alleviates my pain or confusion but also empowers me with the understanding of why I'm in the predicament I'm in and how to get out of it and strive ahead. I've gained more from Leah in just a few sessions than I have from years of psychotherapy.

Martin Otto.jpg


Leah's unique method in tailor-made coaching was a great solution for me during my time of searching. Unassuming, receptive and highly effective. Getting real is the only way.


Leah is an incredible facilitator with deep insight who listens to everything you are saying AND hears the things you are not saying. Her commitment to her own life is a shining example of her commitment to the people she works with. If you are looking for REAL solutions and insights, Leah is the person for you.

Yossi Hasson.jpg


"You over think things" is something that has been said to me multiple times throughout my life. I tend to be able to quickly analyze and dissect almost any situation and intellectualize it to a point where I would detach my emotion from the situation. I was so effective at this that I could talk circles around almost anyone, including myself.


Leah was the first person to be able to challenge me on this and suggest effective strategies to create a space for my emotional intelligence to become a strong participant in my decision making process. I had been to see a number of other coaches and a therapist, and none were able to ignite within me as many transformational changes in such a short period of time. I have immense gratitude for her coaching ability and would strongly recommend Leah to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of what makes them tick and how to rewire themselves to further move further along their own path.

Ingrid Loud.jpg


Leah has helped me conquer numerous life obstacles over the years with her direct and deeply supportive approach. I appreciate that she's helped me see things from new angles and helped point my life in new directions when I so desperately needed to. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their journey, relationships (with themselves and others), parenting and work. She's definitely my 'go-to' person.


THANK YOU very much for all the insight, guidance and truth you made me see and realise yesterday. I feel so much better, lighter and free. I slept last night feeling accomplished and woke up this morning feeling fulfilled. This cloud that was hanging over my head is actually not there any longer. You have made a difference in my life. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!"


Leah has been instrumental in bringing about real positive change in my life. My experience with other therapists had been most unsatisfying and left me feeling completely misunderstood, more overwhelmed and quite reluctant to return. I had struggled to relate to others, and therapists seemed no different. Leah showed a deep understanding of the workings of my mind and further to that, was able to explain it back to me in a way that furthered my own understanding of myself and allowed for far more clarity in being able to develop solutions. Leah’s depth of knowledge, understanding and complete lack of judgement allowed me to feel completely safe to delve into the deepest, darkest corners of myself and my relationship. Leah operates with absolute clarity and focus. She offers valuable, workable advice in a compassionate, yet real and honest manner. I cannot speak highly enough of Leah’s coaching.

Eva Hayden-Smith.jpg


I have just been through one of the most terrifying processes of my life as a result of Leah's wise suggestion. All I can say is BE SCARED BUT DO IT ANY WAY!! The relief I now feel was worth every sleepless night. And what I now know for sure is that the only way forward is to speak your truth with love. Thank you, Leah, for sharing your knowledge with the world.

Sally Dodds.jpg


Leah Sefor is a remarkable human being. She is totally intuitive and has a huge amount of knowledge and understanding of the human nature. Working with and understanding relationships, patterns, old beliefs, communication and all other aspects is innate for Leah. She will provide a safe and loving space from which transformation can happen.


Leah's coaching was practical and supportive. Only after a few sessions, I was able to take charge of my life again. I still go to her when I hit a wobbly and she helps pull myself through. Thank you for empowering me, Leah!

In person and Skype sessions available


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