Life & Relationships Coach

Leah Sefor is South Africa’s go-to life and relationships expert. She is well known for being a straight-talking, take-no-prisoners life coach whose work is all about ‘what it means to be real’. Leah has worked with individuals, couples and organisations in over 10 countries for more than 25 years as a relationships and communications specialist. 






Singer & Actor
Leah's unique method in tailor-made coaching was a great solution for me during my time of searching. Unassuming, receptive and highly effective. Getting real is the only way.
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Business Analyst
There is no end to the power and wisdom of this incredible person and her astounding skills. She has an amazing ability to problem-solve, alleviate my pain and empower me with the understanding. I've gained more from Leah in just a few sessions than I have from years of psychotherapy.
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MD, Techstars
"You over think things" is something that has been said to me multiple times throughout my life. I tend to be able to quickly analyze and dissect almost any situation and intellectualize it to a point where I would detach my emotion from the situation. I was so effective at this that I could talk circles around almost anyone, including myself.
Leah was the first person to be able to challenge me on this and suggest effective strategies to create a space for my emotional intelligence to become a strong participant in my decision making process. I had been to see a number of other coaches and a therapist, and none were able to ignite within me as many transformational changes in such a short period of time. I have immense gratitude for her coaching ability and would strongly recommend Leah to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of what makes them tick and how to rewire themselves to further move further along their own path.


Project Planner
I feel so much better, lighter and free. After all of your insight, guidance and truth, I am feeling accomplished and fulfilled. You have made a difference in my life. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!"


 DJ, Film, Events & Multimedia
Leah has this ability to cut through the bulls*t and get straight straight in to the real stuff, getting you grounded and clear right out the gates. She offers simple, practical and workable solutions that just make sense for you to support yourself in your journey. You are in impeccable hands with Leah.
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Leah has been instrumental in bringing about real positive change in my life. My experience with other therapists had been most unsatisfying and left me feeling completely misunderstood, more overwhelmed and quite reluctant to return. I had struggled to relate to others, and therapists seemed no different. Leah showed a deep understanding of the workings of my mind and further to that, was able to explain it back to me in a way that furthered my own understanding of myself and allowed for far more clarity in being able to develop solutions. Leah’s depth of knowledge, understanding and complete lack of judgement allowed me to feel completely safe to delve into the deepest, darkest corners of myself and my relationship. Leah operates with absolute clarity and focus. She offers valuable, workable advice in a compassionate, yet real and honest manner. I cannot speak highly enough of Leah’s coaching.
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