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Be OK With Not Being Liked

Fear. It stops you, every day, from taking risks, being bold, standing up, speaking out and following your dreams. Fear is the most common reason that people lose their confidence and don't take that next step. And the thing they’re most afraid of…. what other people will think.

No matter what you do in the world, I can guarantee you this...

➩ There will always be people who don't like you or what you have to offer.

➩ There will always be those who will judge you.

➩ There will always be those who speak badly about you and put you down.

➩ There will always be those who think you aren't good enough.

Expect them, accept them, know that they’re out there and then turn around walk in the opposite direction, putting as much space as you can between them and you. 

The further you walk from them, the less stress you’ll feel, the deeper your breathing will become, the stronger your inner voice will sound and the closer you’ll get to the people who matter.

  • People who love you and feel inspired by what you do.

  • People who cheer for you and support everything you do.

  • People who will always recommend you and promote your work to their friends and family and communities.

  • People who think you are amazing and who are so grateful that you're in the world, making the difference that you do.

And those people outweigh the first lot a million times over.

So learn to be OK with the tiny percentage who don't like you, they’ll always be out there. You don’t have to let them be a part of your world. You can choose to listen to them or not. You can choose to read what they write about you, or not. You can choose to engage with them, or not. Always choose not! Those people are not your target market, they're not your tribe and they are not interested in your success, so stop wasting your time trying to be liked by them.

Focus on places, spaces and faces who root for you, uplift you, challenge you in a healthy way and push to see you win in all that you do. Those are the ones worth fighting for.

I have supported thousands of clients for over 29 years to get real about their lives, to drop their masks and own their authenticity and to stand in their personal power so they can create the life they want. If you're ready to get real, then book a coaching session and let's start a journey together. I can't wait to meet you.


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