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Are you ready to face the truth, cut the crap, and get real about your life?

Start living as your unapologetic self, stop diluting your power to make everyone else comfortable and become the powerhouse you were born to be! no more playing small!

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i see you...

​You're here because you're ready to cut the crap and start living an authentic life. You've been looking for something that will shake you out of your life coma so you can finally experience being the unbelievable powerhouse you were born to be. 

You're a self-help junkie, but you’re sick of your own excuses, tired of not following through and feeling defeated by the fact that all the books you've read, courses you've taken and workshops you've attended still haven’t inspired action! UGH!

That stops here. Listen, I don’t want you to sign up for this if you're not willing to confront yourself. I mean it. It’s time to stop the bullshit and drop the act. So, if you are ready (and I think you are) to be the next big thing in your own life then step on up.


Action takers only!

you're struggling in your life because:

​You're a master at self-sabotage, constantly repeating destructive behaviours in all areas of your life and have no idea how to stop yourself.


Your passion for life has been eroded by years of fatigue & stress and the older you get, the more cynical you feel about what’s possible and you doubt that things can really change.

You have low self-confidence and even less self-respect and your Imposter Syndrome makes you  constantly think you’re not really good enough or worthy.

Relationships feel like too much hard work, full of many hidden rules that you can't figure out. Communication is a minefield, so you default to biting your tongue, never speaking your truth and always leaving important words unspoken.

You're often paralysed by fear, never finding the courage to take that next step or start that new thing in your life. You're drowning in self-doubt and you're confused about how to change any of it because no one taught you how.

You feel trapped inside unworkable patterns of behaviour with yourself, your relationship, your career and your finances, and no matter what you do, nothing ever changes.


iF YOU don't want this to be YOUR story anymore, IT'S TIME TO TAKE ACTION...


HI, I'm leah and I'll be your coach

I am well known for being a straight-talking, take-no-prisoners life coach, author, podcaster and speaker. My work is all about ‘what it means to be real’. I have worked with individuals, couples and organisations across the globe for more than 28 years as a life, relationships and communications specialist. 


You may have seen me as a guest relationship expert on The Bachelor SA and The Single Wives SA and Netflix. Perhaps you watched me on Real Health on The Home Channel as a regular guest, talking about all things life and relationships. I feature regularly on radio shows as a guest relationships & communication expert and have been a frequent contributor to print and digital magazines. I specialise in Conscious Relationship Design and I am the creator of The 4 Communication Profiles, detailed in my book That's Not What I Meant! The smart, savvy guide to real communication.

Working with the human condition every day for almost 3 decades has given me deep insight into the subconscious programmes and coding that drive our unworkable behaviours. My experience has led me to create my unique C.U.S.P method which contains specific techniques and information, distilled into a powerful process of transformation. My work is about delivering dynamic coaching experiences and facilitating breakthroughs that give men and women the wake-up calls they need to create a non-negotiable life.


Your journey to a more authentic life starts right here....

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are you finally ready to dive deep into a
true adventure of personal discovery?

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Leah Sefor_Additional Design elements_Re

Scrum Master, KLM

When given the opportunity to really dig deep, not a quick webinar or a months work, but continually, for a whole year, working on all the different aspects of myself and life, I jumped right in. I am now able to life my life as the real me, be who I truly am without worrying about what others think and am always true to myself. Leah is an absolute gift. She has the ability to take your life, put in the wash, help you choose the right cycle and when you hear the beep, those vibrant colours of your life will shine again.

Radical Realbies has opened up my eyes to a whole new me.

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I've been where you are

Really, I have. I know what it’s like to be gaslit in relationships and to not be seen or heard by the important people in your life, feeling overlooked & undervalued.


I know how it feels to be on the outside looking in, not seeing the world the same way everyone does. I know what it’s like to give up, check out and to not want to take another step forward. I know shame, I know embarrassment, I know feeling invisible. 


Well, I did, until I got tired of my own boring story and decided to do something about it because honestly, I was ready to put a pillow over my own damn face!


Even though I had done "the work", taken the courses and had many transformational experiences, I was still playing small and believing the bullshit about myself. It took me a long time to shed the paralysing mindsets that were keeping me stuck so I could finally step into my power.


I got tired of apologising and negotiating away my self worth. I was done with hiding my true nature and suppressing my voice just to make others comfortable. So I decided to become #1 in my own life. I started being clear and direct in my communication. I learnt how to speak my truth without constantly worrying about other people's reactions. I put strong boundaries in place with myself and everyone else. And I started to walk my talk no matter what others thought. 

It was a seismic shift that pushed me into living a profound life of realness! It feels so powerful that I want everyone I meet to be liberated from their own mental prisons and to experience what true freedom feels like. 

That’s why I’ve created this tribe of Realbies. Because if humanity could just cut the crap and get real, we would finally have a world that works for everyone - and I’m determined to make that happen. 


so how did i get there?
how did i get radically real? 

CUSP Process.png

the c.u.s.p method

​Over 12 months in Radical Realbies, you will be taken through my uniqe C.U.S.P method, the exact method I used to transform my own life. It's a process that gets real results and it will shift you out of your life paralysis and into your personal power. 

​Explore how your creation coding created a persona that dictates who you feel you're allowed to be in all areas of your life.

Disentangle the unconscious patterns that keep you stuck in repetitive cycles of unworkable behaviour and self sabotage. 

Delve deep into your shadow to explore how this hidden side of you hold the secret to true self realisation and personal power.

Rewire your thoughts and behaviours to create a new reality where you are aligned on every level.


if this sounds like the exact experience you've been looking for, then apply today

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Occupational Therapist

Leah is one of the most incredible humans I have ever met. Thank you for calling me on my bullshit!I have worked with many Psychologists over the years and found Leah's approach to far more practical, powerful and life changing. If you want to shift your life, this is definitely your woman. I have done many courses , but this is on another level and I think everyone who is serious about shifting things in their life should definitely do this course. Leah's years of experience are very evident. She has amazing insight into people and reads people incredibly accurately.

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Leah Sefor_Illustrations_Repro_star 9 copy.png

this one year coaching experience is for you, if...

​You are finally ready to break free from your fear and rewrite those paralysing strories that have stopped you from living. 


You want to experience what it feels like to be wide awake, fierce, brave and real in your life and your relationships with no more hesitation when it comes to taking action.


You want to live as your authentic self and have the confidence to speak your truth, clearly and directly in all of your communications.

You want to be #1 in your own life, to stop apologising for who you are and get seriously non-negotiable with your boundaries.

You are so ready to stop with your own bullshit and finally stop the self-sabotage with your body, your finances, your career and your relationships.

You are done with a victim mindset and you're ready to take 100% responsibility for your own life.

join me on radical realbies to experience what true transformation feels like

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Director, Kumalo Green

What I loved most about the course is that it really covered the foundations for change. Without visiting all the modules, you really can’t make any significant changes in your life and relationships. For there to be a real shift in mind set, you have to really get to the root cause and understand why the mindset is there in the first place. That's exactly what Realbies did for me, it set the foundation for the shift that is now really starting to take place. Leah is amazingly gifted and knowledgeable about how to show up in life as your real, authentic self.

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i am so ready for this! I want to get real 

here's a peek of what's included in this
12 month online coaching experience


Video classes

Each month you will receive one or more in-depth video classes presented by me, on the topic of that month. Every module in Radical Realbies builds on the previous one. 

Workbooks & Journals

You will get monthly workbooks & exercises relating to the topic of that month plus 2 different journal formats for contemplation and to track your journey and progress.

Video classes

Each section will have the audio of the video class for those who prefer to listen than watch, as well as meditations and closed-eye processes relating to the topic of that month.

Group coaching on live calls

Each week there is a group coaching call online where Realbies get to bring their questions around the course work and get clarity on any concepts. 

Facebook Group

Access to the private Realbies Facebook group. Get support, live call replays, posts & coaching on any questions about the course work. Here we celebrate each other's wins & hold everyone accountable for taking action in their lives. 


Every month you will receive a challenge related to the topic of that month. This challenge is designed to activate what you have learned in that month in your life in an experiential way. 

what's going to happen on radical realbies?

Well, you'll have to wait and see!


Yes, I know this isn't how this usually goes. You're expecting a full breakdown of each and every module that will be covered throughout this experience. But I'm not going to giv it to you.


Well, knowing everything before it happens may create some predictability and safety in your life, but that’s also how you get numb and comfortable, and this experience is all about getting out of your predictable comfort zone! By preparing for what you think is coming next, you give your mind the time to get defensive and protective and it comes up with all of the excuses of why this isn’t for you, and why you shouldn’t participate, or take risks.


Well, that’s not going to happen here.

This is a journey into the REAL, It's not an experience of being safe and comfortable in your old ways, no. This is a voyage of discovery into the self and the realm of the unknown. And, like any great saga in history...if the hero/heroine had known what they were to face on their epic journey, they would have said "Um thanks but no, I don't think so!" and gone back to their quite, uneventful lives and faded into mediocrity. They only become the legends they were because they faced the unknown full on and conquered it all to become a version of themselves they never thought possible.


  • Were they scared? Of course they were! 

  • Was it easy? Not all of the time, no. 

  • Was it exhilarating? You bet!

  • Was it worth it? Absofuckinlutely!


​This is the ultimate experience of throwing yourself off the cliff, trusting the process and allowing me to hold and guide you through the veil of the 'Wannabes' into the realm of the 'Realbies'.

I can tell you this... 

  • Are you going to learn about shifting beliefs, overcoming imposter syndrome and conquering your fear and self doubt? Oh yes you are!

  • Will you discover more about workable relationships, effective communication and kick-ass boundaries - most definitely! 

  • Will you be learning how to overcome self-sabotage and delve deep into shadow work to explore parts of yourself you never knew were there? Oh you have no idea how much! This is where the real transformation begins!

  • And will you be playing and having fun with some cool stuff like the power of creating intentions and manifesting new realities? For sure! That's one of the best parts!

But that’s all I’m saying. 


There will be challenges and some uncomfortable truths, there will be exercises that will confront everything you've ever believed about yourself and some courageous conversations along the way! Some months you’ll love me, some months you’ll hate me and some months you’ll wonder why the hell you ever signed up for this experience and your old self will want to run away like you've done so many times before.

But this time, you won't.

Because all of those moments will pale in comparison to the months where you will feel more alive than you’ve ever felt before. When you'll feel a new energy coursing through your body that will burn any smallness or victim mentality out of your bones for good! Months where you will know, at every level, that you are a being of such extraordinary power that nothing can ever stand in your way again.


You know that person you've always wanted to be... It's time.


Be afraid and do it anyway! 


hell yeah! I'm ready to be the hero in my own life!

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Mental Health Coach

Realbies got me to look at my beliefs around love and money, got me to understand how my reactive nature was not serving me when I tried to speak up in a challenging situation. One major shift for me was the relationship with my children, they have seen how much more 'chilled' I am now, no longer that helicopter parent trying to control every outcome. Leah gives valuable and workable answers and examples to get you to improve your journey. This is not a course for sissys .... you need to commit to a lot of hard and deep work, but you will definitely not be sorry. I wish I'd done this course earlier in my life .... but the teacher will appear when the student is ready. I was ready

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what you need to know about me


I am all about being honest, upfront & clear from the get go. If you have never worked with me before, here are some things you should know:

​My approach is direct and sometimes confrontational. This experience is about getting real, not staying in your comfort zone. So,if you're ready to be challenged and you're up for some serious cage-rattling, then hop aboard matey.

I’m not going to pussy-foot around and tell you what you want to hear, I'm not your friend, I'm your coach and I will call you out on your bullshit and kick your ass into gear when you need it - with love, always.  

If you're looking for a gentle, easy, kumbaya, feel-good fluff course... then this experience definitely isn't for you.

I am not interested in victim stories here. All those small stories you keep holding onto about who you can't be and what you can't do, are the reason you have not been able to create a powerful, unapologetic life for yourself. If you want to become a fierce, brave and real being with clear boundaries and no more excuses then you can't hold onto your victimhood anymore. That all ends here. This is how you stop being a Wannabe and become a Realbie. If that scares you - good. You need a wake-up call to stop living as such a small version of yourself - the world needs you to be bigger than that! be afraid and do it anyway.

I am not your accountability partner, I will not be carrying you through this experience, I'm here to show you the path, you have to take ownership of the way you show up on this journey for yourself. I'm not going to be checking up on you or making sure you've watched to videos or done the workbooks. The value you get out of this experience is entirely up to how much you put in. If you truly want your life to transform then you are the one that has to take action. Committed 100% to watching, reading, listening to and doing everything in each module as well as participating in the weekly calls and engaging on the Facebook group to get as much out of this experience as possible. 100% energy in = maximum result! I'll open the doors for you, you have to choose whether you want to walk through them or not. No one can do this for you. 

Trust that I know what I'm doing and that there is a method to what may seem like madness along the way. There's a reason I've been one of the most booked coaches in my industry for 27 years. Working with the human condition is a very sacred occupation to me, one I never take for granted. I am dedicated and committed to you and I will always create a safe space for you to be held as you face the the parts of you that scare you the most. And on the days when you can't see the light, I will sit with you in the dark and show you how to find another way. 


what about the bonuses?

If you're only here for the bonuses then you've definitely come to the wrong place. I am not going to manipulate you into signing up for this programme by offering you some specials that are "usually worth a lot of money but you get them for free if you sign up today!" That's all bullshit and you know it. Stop looking for the freebies with everything, thinking that they're going to add more value to your life. Because be honest - your inbox is already filled with a bunch of free eBooks and downloads from other coaches, authors, thought leaders and influencers that you have never opened. I'm not interested in adding to that pile.


Things are pretty simple here in the land of Realbies - either you want to transform your life with this experience or you don't. 


If you need offers of "special VIP access" or "private membership only pages" or "exclusive ebooks and masterclases" or "special early bird privileges" then my Realbies tribe is not for you.


This is another reason your life isn't working for you - because you keep wanting more instead of being more. Stop needing to fill your life with the 'free' shit. You are enough without it.

Leah Sefor_Illustrations_Repro_protea 3-62_edited.png

This could be you a year from now...

  • You're living with a fresh, new perspective of reality and show up in your life as the most powerful version of you.

  • You know how to create a powerful, non-negotiable life where you are in the driver's seat of your own life experiences.

  • You have a full understanding of the subconscious patterns that run your life and how to shift ones that don't work for you.

  • You will never negotiate your self worth again.

  • You are a master of communication in all of your relationships.

  • You know how to set powerful intentions and manifest any realities that you want.

  • You are no longer held back by limiting beliefs or disempowering decisions. 

  • You have real, open and connected relationships. 

  • You know how to set and hold strong boundaries with everyone in your life.

  • You speak your truth and stand as your authentic self in the world with no more apologies and no more playing small.

  • You have integrated your shadow and have a profound connection with your true nature and how to use it to walk your talk and be #1 in your own life. 


YES! that's exactly who i want to be in 12 months.

Or, if you're 100% clear that you're ready for this journey and you are fully committed to becoming a realbie in this 12 month, online coaching experience,

then choose your payment option below and start today!

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Leah Sefor_Illustrations_Repro_guinea fowl 3.png

pay in full

and get 1 month free


Leah Sefor_elements_Repro_stars 2.png
  • Immediate access to Radical Realbies

  • Access to the Facebook Group

  • Mobile and Tablet optimized

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Leah Sefor_elements_Repro_stars 2_edited
Leah Sefor_Illustrations_Repro_africa 2.png
Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 17.38.32.png
Leah Sefor_Illustrations_Repro_eye 3.png
Leah Sefor_elements_Repro_stars 2.png
Leah Sefor_elements_Repro_guinea fowl.png
Leah Sefor_elements_Repro_stars 2_edited
Leah Sefor_Illustrations_Repro_glass ball 2.png


over 12 months


  • Immediate access to Radical Realbies

  • Access to the Facebook Group

  • Mobile and Tablet optimized

Leah Sefor_elements_Repro_guinea fowl_ed
Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 17.38.32.png

Stop doing that! stop coming up with those same, old boring excuses of why you can't do this!

If you've read this far then something about this experience is calling to you. Some part, deep inside of you is ready for a radical shift - listen to it! One of the biggest stretches you'll have in your life is learning to trust your instinct and be guided towards those things meant for you. But beware... your mind is going to get in the way with a whole bunch of logical and reasonable excuses about why you shouldn't do this. And yet those are the same excuses you've always given in to every time you've tried to start something in the past and they are the reason your life is in the state that it's in.


What's that voice in your head telling you now? What is causing you to hesitate? Let me guess: "I don't have the money / time / energy / patience / insert your excuse here ____________________". My answer to any of those excuses is... You'll find it! If you are ready and you want to experience a shift at every level, you will find the money, time, energy, patience and whatever else you're looking for to do this. Because here's a major truth in life: If it's important, you will find a way, if it's not... you'll find an excuse.


Look, this isn't for everyone, I get that. If you're not ready, then be honest about that. I'll be here when you are. Radical Realbies isn't going anywhere. But if you weren't interested you wouldn't be reading this right now, so I know you want this for yourself.


So, my challenge to you is this: 

Just say 'Hell Yeah! I'm in!' and join us. Let this be the year that you explode onto the stage of your own life! 


"Leah was the first person to be able to challenge me  and suggest effective strategies to create a space for my emotional intelligence to become a strong participant in my decision making process. I had been to see a number of other coaches and a therapist, and none were able to ignite within me as many transformational changes in such a short period of time. I have immense gratitude for her coaching ability and would strongly recommend Leah to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of what makes them tick and how to rewire themselves to further move further along their own path."

YOSSI HASSON - CEO, Metaversal

Leah Sefor_Additional Design elements_Re
Leah Sefor_Additional Design elements_Re

more FAQs 

is there a money back guarantee?

Refunds do not apply for digital products (which Radical Realbies is). Why? Well, when you pay, you will be granted immediate access to my digital library of videos, audio classes, documents and training materials and the fact that you have this instant electronic access to my digital product, means you won't be eligible for a refund.

Will i be getting 1:1 coaching?

No. This is a group coaching experience. I host a live calls every week where you are able to bring any questions or ask for clarity about any concepts to do with the course work. I will also respond to any questions about the course work posted in the Realbies FB group every week. However if you are wanting a 1:1 personal coaching appointment, those can be booked HERE

how long until i see results?

That is entirely up to you and how committed you are to doing all of the work and attending the calls. Every module is designed to give you actionable and practical tools for self exploration - each of which can lead to some serious ah-ha moments and give you the ability to shift perspective instantly. As with anything in life, the energy you put into something = the result you'll get out of it. 

What if i decide it's not for me?

There is a process to apply for Radical Realbies which includes an application form and a clarity call with me to make sure that you are in the right space to start this journey. Because once you start, you're in and committed for a year. There are no escape doors on Realbies. If you're even asking this question then consider that this might be a pattern that you repeat in many areas of your life: Giving 20% of your attention and energy to something and then, when the going gets a bit tough or you don't get an instant result... you check out and give up. This is why nothing changes. So we'll get you clear on whether this is the right journey for you before you start so there's no turning back. 

do i need a facebook account to do radical realbies

Yes. The Realbies Facebook group is where all of our weekly calls and conversations about the course happen. It's the place where the Realbies tribe connects and gives support and holding for everyone else in the group. It's where any updates on the course will be posted as well as any news about meetings, get togethers, retreats and guest coaching calls. It is a private group for Realbies only. We all take confidentiality extremely seriously. It's a safe place for everyone going through this experience. 

do you offer payment plans?

Yes. You can pay 12 instalments over the year


still not sure? 

after which we can get you booked onto a clarity call to go through any last questions you have

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