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Life isn't about...

Updated: Apr 3

Life isn't about keeping score.

It's not about where you were born or where you grew up.

It's not about who your family is.

It's not about your culture or religious beliefs.

It's not about your nationality.

Life is not about the colour of your skin.

It's not about your hair.

It's not about the size of your body.

It's not about what your sexual identity is.

Life isn't about who you're dating, who you used to date, how many people you've dated or if you haven't been with anyone at all.

It's not about whether you're a virgin or not.

It's not about sex.

It's not about being married or not.

It's not about having children or not.

Life isn't about how much money you have.

It's not about what car you drive or the house you live in.

It's not about the overseas holidays you have.

It's not about your investments or policies.

Life isn't about playing emotional games.

It's not about using your intellect as a weapon.

It's not about making others feel small.

It's not about sabotaging others with full intention.

Life isn't about where you went to school.

It's not about how many degrees or qualifications you have.

It's not about how smart you are or how smart everyone else thinks you are or how smart standardised tests say you are.

Life is definitely not about representing your whole being on a piece of paper and seeing who will accept the 'written you'.

Life is not about hate or revenge or jealousy or ignorance or fear.

It's not about playing games of manipulation, domination and control.

It's not about letting other take you for granted.

It's not about betraying trust or hating yourself and others.

Life just isn't any of that.


Life is about growth and discovery

It's about why you were born and finding your purpose.

It's about acknowledging your family for starting you on your journey.

It's about spiritual exploration to find deeper truths.

It's about the human family.

Life is about nurturing your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

It's about gratitude for the miracle of what your body does for you every day.

It's about your stunning uniqueness and owning it completely.

It's about expression of self through your physicality.

Life is about who you share your heart and soul with.

It's about swimming in intimate sensuality.

It's about connection.

It's about sharing space with other beings.

It's about guiding new souls into this world who will show us another way.

Life is about energetic abundance and how you share it in the world.

It's about fun and experiences and adventures.

It's about growth and evolution.

It's about how powerful you're willing to be.

Life is about love and acceptance and sharing and understanding and compassion.

It's about inspiring those around you.

It's about making others feel more of who they are.

It's about wanting everyone to win.

Life is about about conversations of vulnerability and truth.

It's about support and honouring trust bestowed upon you.

It's about integrity and keeping your agreements.

It's about what you say, who you say it to and why you say it.

Ultimately, life is about using your life to touch another's heart in such a way that never could have occurred alone. It's about your heart and your love and your light and how you use it to make a difference in the world.

I have supported thousands of clients for over 29 years to get real about their lives and relationships and to learn how to create strong boundaries, more workable communication and immoveable confidence. If you're ready to get moving in a new direction, then book a coaching session and let's start a journey together. I can't wait to meet you.


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