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Updated: Dec 2, 2021

If you knew you only had one month left to live, what would you do differently in your life?

Would you:

  • Stop worrying so much about money?

  • Spend less time on your computer?

  • Leave a job that you hate?

  • Stop obsessing about your weight?

  • Let go of all those fears?

  • Care less about what people thought of you?

  • Walk away from a relationship that's not working?

  • Stop letting excuses run your life?

  • Let go of those grudges you’ve been carrying for years?

How free would you feel if you could let all of that go? If all those fears and worries and obsessions weren’t occupying your every thought, how much relief would you experience? And when it comes to the admin of your life, would you:

  • Pay your outstanding debts so they don’t become your family’s responsibility when you die?

  • Get all your filing up to date and make sure that your family knew where all the important documents are kept?

  • Put all of your affairs in order, update your will and living will and make sure the relevant people in your life have copies of both.

  • Let that closest person in your life know all your passwords for all of your online accounts so they would be able to access them and close them down?

  • Go through everything in cupboards and storerooms and do a massive clean-out, throwing out all the unnecessary stuff that you don’t need anymore and that you wouldn’t want your family to have to do on your behalf?

  • Say all of those things that you’ve been too scared of saying to the people in you life, those things you need to clear?

  • Finish all those incompletions in your life. The qualifications you never got, the projects you never completed, the painting that’s still waiting for the final stroke, the book you started writing but never finished?

How clear would you feel if you sorted out all of that stuff? If you put your life into integrity? If you didn’t have any nagging ‘to-do’ list playing on repeat at the back of your mind every day, wouldn’t you experience such peace? And once you’ve sorted out the logistics and paperwork, would you then, finally:

  • Play more, laugh more and not be so serious all the time?

  • Take some risks?

  • Travel to all those places you’ve always wanted to go to?

  • Spend more quality, open, sharing, laughing, loving, connected, interacting, communicating time with the people you love most in your life?

  • Do all those things you’ve always wanted to try but were too scared to start?

  • Break some rules?

  • Re-invent yourself without worrying about what others will think?

  • Write your life story so the people in your life would know what it all meant for you in your own words?

  • Take beautiful, current photos of you with your nearest and dearest for them to have when you’re not around anymore?

  • Be clear with your family and friends that you have no expectations whatsoever in terms of what they should do with their lives once you’re gone - especially your children? Too many people grow up trying to fulfill a dying wish of a parent or a grandparent and put themselves through hell trying to be someone or do something they didn’t want to be or do, but felt they had to because of those last requests.

  • Tell your partner that it's really OK for them to move on with their life, to find a new love and to not stay in mourning forever?

Why do we wait until the end to do all of this?

We let days, weeks, months, years pass by thinking that 'one day' we'll get to do what we really want to do or be who we really want to be. Life is fragile and before you blink it’s gone. When are you going to start living a life that’s yours in every way?

  • If you have regrets, do something about it today.

  • If there is anything you’ve really wanted to do that you have not yet done, then best you get on that!

  • If you feel that you haven’t made a difference, then start right now. It’s never too late.

  • If there’s anything you still want to learn about or discover or create then do it! Start this week.

  • If you need to forgive someone, then forgive them today in a phone call or a letter and let it go.

  • If you need to apologise for something you did or said, then do it now and let it go. Too many important relationships fade away over such small fights and irrelevant issues simply because someone could not say 'I'm sorry'. In the end, you're left with too much regret when people aren't around anymore to make amends to.

Why should all of this only happen if you know you’re dying? Which in reality, you are. We all are. Stop making the very dangerous assumption that you have endless hours available to use. You don’t. Stop procrastinating, thinking that tomorrow is another day and there’s plenty of time to get it all done. There isn’t.

You keep living like there is limitless time to change course, to start, to finish, to create, to manifest, to adventure, to experience, to explore, to learn...

Is there? Really?


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