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Intentions vs. Goals

Updated: Apr 3

I'm not a fan of the word goal. For me it brings up memories of teachers at school and bosses at work insinuating that I was not delivering enough and that I had to try harder.

Goals imply that ‘here’ is not enough and only once I get ‘there’ will things be OK.

In my experience, goals make people feel less and add pressure because they are often too big and too unachievable. Deep down, most people don't really believe they can achieve the bold goals they set for themselves and if you believe you can't do something, then you won't do it and your self-fulfilling prophecies will kick in to validate your disappointment: "See... I'm not good enough / I can't do it/ I don't have what it takes". This is why most people never achieve new year's resolutions. They think they'll be happier or more successful when they lose 20kgs before Easter or resign and start their new business or clear their debt in the next 3 months or write their book. But those things never happen because, deep down, they don't really believe they can do it.

Belief systems will keep you limited if you let them. This is why coaching is so important when it comes to transformation. You have understand the subconscious progammes, patterns and beliefs that are running your life and then work to shift your perceptions of the world and yourself. Only then will you begin to make some significant differences in your life.

You see, once perception has shifted, life changes become easy because now you're operating from INTENTION.

Intention is a powerful force that starts from within. It's a true desire for something that you can feel right down to your cellular self. It comes from a place of holding a higher frequency in your thoughts and actions and behaviours and words every day. It’s about accepting your life for exactly what it looks like now and being grateful for where you are and what you have now so that you can have empowering thoughts that create a high frequency now. Intention is a magnetic force that will attract a matching reality.

Goals are a disempowering force of hope born out of a state of comparison where you put the control outside of yourself, waiting for external circumstances to change before your path can reach success in a future timeframe. A goal is just a concept, based on a belief system of how you or someone else in your life thinks things should be. Goals are often about making other people happy (My boss wants me to.... My mom thinks I should... My partner would like it if...) Goals are about resisting what your life looks like now and fantasising about what it will be in the future. It's about being ungrateful for where you are now and only being happy if the future desire manifests. Goals keep you stuck in low mental frequency that become a repellant force, deterring your most desirable reality.

Intention statements begin with I AM and are set in the present.

  • I am creating a fantastic business for myself which is having a transformational impact in the world.

  • I am showing up as the best version of myself in this relationship today.

  • I am making smart choices with my money that enrich my life and savings.

Goals are sentences with IF and THEN and are set in the future.

  • If I get the loan from the bank, then I will be able to start my business in 6 months.

  • If my partner changes their behaviour over the next 3 months, then I’ll decide if I want to stay.

  • If I have enough after my bills have been paid, then I can clear a little bit of debt at the end of the month.

Intention is an energy that naturally flows when your life is in a state of integrity (watch my video on Integrity) while goals are often about plastering over the cracks in your life. I see it often - people trying to avoid what’s really not working in their lives or relationships or finances by focusing on a goal that’s distracting them from where the real work needs to be happening.

Intentions will always manifest. Goals will mostly leave you wanting more.

I have supported thousands of clients for over 29 years to get real about their lives and learn how to set powerful intentions and manifest powerful new realities for themselves. If you're ready to create some magic in your life, then book a coaching session and let's start a journey together. I can't wait to meet you.


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