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How to set powerful intentions

Updated: Apr 3

Really want to start manifesting the life you dream of? Here's a how to:

1. Stop waiting for a new year or Spring or the first of a month or a Monday to start taking action in a new direction. Start on the day you are on.

2. Commit to being conscious and take ownership for creating the life you want. Stop floating through your own life, expecting things to change but not doing anything constructive to make those changes. You have to start being intentional about what you want, shifting your mindset, reframing the beliefs that are holding you back and taking action!

3. Create a clear vision for your life. Ask yourself...

🔹 What do I want to create for myself? 

🔹 What area of my life most needs transforming?

🔹 Who do I want to connect more with?

🔹 What do I want to learn?

🔹 What new projects do I want to launch?

🔹 How do I want to feel every day?

🔹 Who do I want to become?

🔹 What new things would I like to do?

🔹 What new version of myself would I like to see emerge?

4. Write your intentions down and turn your ideas into a single Intention Statement using 'I am' statements. Add values that are important for you to feel regularly like the ones underlined in the examples below and be specific:

"I have the stability of a full time job which has brought so much abundance into my life. I love how empowered I feel working at my dream job doing _______ (job title/position) for ________ (company name), earning R/€/$______ a month."

" I feel so proud and happy to be living in my dream home in __________ (city/suburb), enjoying the space with _____ rooms and _____ bathrooms. I feel peaceful when I sit by ________ (garden, patio, fireplace etc) and love watching the kids play in our lush garden with big trees. Cooling off in our large swimming pool is wonderful on hot days. I love that I've created a stable life for my family."

"I am feeling powerful and sexy in my size ___ body. Or, I love being ____ kgs/pounds, I feel so light and energetic. I am fit from doing my _______ (Zumba/Dance/Cardio class) ___ times a week and I've got more strength in my body from the _________ (rock-climbing/weight training/swimming) I do on weekends. I love how in control I feel with my food choices and how disciplined I am with my health boundaries."

Make your intention statement exciting and inspiring to yourself. Read this intention statement to yourself every day - the more often the better, you can print a copy out and keep it in your car and at the office so when you have time you can read it.

5. Create a Vision Board using pictures, words, symbols and anything else you like, to design a visual representation of your intention statement. Stick it up somewhere you can see it often, especially in the mornings and evenings. You can also laminate your vision board and statement and stick them up in your shower so you can meditate on them during your morning/evening routine. 

This is why vision boards work...

Creating a vision board activates your Reticular Activating System (RAS) which is a network of neurons in your brain which control (amongst other things) your ability to focus, how you perceive the world and where you direct your consciousness. Your RAS filters all incoming information from the world around you, choosing the bits you should be focusing on more. 

When you stimulate your brain with emotionally uplifting and inspiring pictures, images, symbols, words, phrases and quotes, your RAS alters its filtering algorithm to select only the data that it thinks will enhance your current thinking and support what you desire and what you are wanting to achieve.

This filtering behaviour of the RAS starts to shape your conscious and subconscious mind and your awareness. What then happens is you start to notice all those things that align with your intention. You'll run into people you haven't seen in a while or notice articles in magazines or hear something on the radio or a family member will tell you about a documentary they watched that will all relate to your intentions and the reality you are wanting to manifest for yourself. You'll see these as 'signs' but it's simply your brain aligning with your visions. 

Powerful stuff!

6. Shift your stuck patterns by: 

🔹 Letting go of any ideas or thoughts that aren't serving your highest good.

🔹 Breaking old, self-sabotaging habits that are keeping you where you don't want to be.

🔹 Walking away from anything and anything that is no longer adding value to your life.

🔹 Creating new habits around your health, wealth, work and relationships.

🔹 Maintaining a high frequency that resonates with what you are wanting to attract. Think how you will feel once your intention has manifested. How will it feel to have that money or the body or the house of your dreams and focus on those feelings. Even on bad days, you can shift a negative mindset by practicing gratitude, watching videos or movies that make you laugh, listen to music that inspires you and connecting with people who make you feel loved.

7. Be deliberate with your behaviour and hold a higher vision for yourself at all times! Ask yourself "How would the person I'd like to be, do the things I'm about to do?"

8. Take action to make it all happen! And repeat those actions consistently. Repetition builds habits and when you can create automated habits around how you think, speak and behave then your path to manifesting your intentions becomes one of ease and flow. 

9. Keep going! 

Put everything into your intention statements and vision boards and daily routines and don't give up a few months from now because you're not seeing things change. What you believe will become your reality.

10. Share your intentions with people who can support you on your new journey and who can hold you accountable when you're having hard days.

I have supported thousands of clients for over 29 years to manifest their intentions in a very real way with my coaching work. If you're ready for things to really start shifting in your life and relationships, book a session and let's start a journey together. I can't wait to meet you.


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